Submit A Mix

We want your mix! We want to hear you! We want to give you a locally-focused platform for you to shine! Every 3rd Monday of the month we make a selection from all the mixes that have been submitted recently and curate them for the next month to be streamed on CRATE, and repeated submissions are strongly encouraged to create your own mix series through CRATE.

We do keep a few strict requirements for broadcasting and scheduling and have a few standards to what we consider a ‘quality mix’. Only if your mix meets all the requirements, lives up to the quality standards, and honors the guidelines, will we stream it. Most of it is self-explanatory and easy to live up to while ensuring you’ll be lined up with fellow DJ’s that deliver as well as you do, so please take a minute or two to attentatively read through the below before you fill in the form at the bottom.


Quality Standards
  • All tracks used must be 320kbps MP3 or higher quality. (No YouTube rips!)
  • Consistent, proper beatmatching throughout (No trainwrecks!)
  • Harmonious transitions (No key clashing or sloppy crossfades!)



Please make sure the file for your mix has the following boxes checked – we would hate to have to decline an excellent mix simply because it wasn’t cut to length or normalized, or can’t find it back because you didn’t put your name on it.

  • Mixes are 59:45. That is 59 minutes and 45 seconds long. 15 seconds short of an hour.
  • Mixes are normalized to -1dB. (Post-processing is encouraged if you know what you’re doing)
  • Mixes are encoded as 320kbps MP3.
  • The file of the mix is formatted [DJ Name] – [Mix Name] (ex. Caleb – Shenanigans 03)


general guidelines
  • CRATE focuses on subcultural electronic music. Mainstream EDM, Trance, and similar music you might find in the main room of a big shiny club will not be featured on CRATE. We recognize that there is a large grey zone and different perspectives on what may be considered ‘subculture’ or ‘underground’ and we even encourage ‘gateway’ music and tunes that are just ‘below the surface’ (eg. drumcode, anjunabeats, dirty bird.) Just be mindful of how your selection fits in the big picture. Rule of thumb: aim for the basement.
  • CRATE is about inclusiveness and connection, especially towards minorities and the underprivileged that laid the foundations of today’s electronic music. If your mix contains lyrics, make sure they are relatively ‘clean’. Repeated use of the N-word, themes of violence and crime, non-consensual or denigrating sexual themes, will quickly get a mix rejected. We understand that some genres (G-House, Hip Hop, etc) make a lot of use of these themes, so if your style touches on these genres select your tracks carefully and mindfully.
  • We strongly encourage using original content from local and regional producers and labels. If you find the space in your mix to support a local talent or record label, please do so! (And link them in your promotions on social media so they benefit from the exposure you’re giving them through CRATE)
  • Your live mix of the other night is welcome, but keep in mind that our focus is on exclusive content, preferably made intentionally for CRATE. We love an occasional live mix (because it was SO FKN GOOD! OMG!) but refrain from recycling old mixes for the stream. Strike the sweet balance!


Promoting & Publishing
  • If your mix gets selected to be streamed (which, if you adhere to everything above, is pretty much guaranteed,) we will schedule it for the next month and promote the schedule as well as your singular mix. To do this properly please be sure to deliver your mix with a description and image to include in the cover. Mixes without a description or image don’t get half as much attention as those who do. Usually a picture of yourself or something that represents your mix artistically will work great for us to make a cover with.
  • When you’re featured on CRATE, please promote for it. Use your social media outlets of choice to share your mix broadcast times at least twice during the month you’re featured, as well as the full schedule to support your fellow DJs. You will be provided with the proper links for these things. Please tag @CrateRadio on Facebook in your posts and invite people to like the page.
  • Once the time comes to retire a mix from the CRATE stream (~1 month,) we will archive it on CRATE’s Soundcloud and/or Mixcloud page. Please share this link once you get it!
  • We do not claim ownership of your mix or content – it is yours to share and distribute how and when you wish. But keep in mind that we depend on DJ’s like you to keep our community project going. We invest our time, energy and money into creating and maintaining the CRATE platform to bring the local and regional music scene together. When you submit a mix, please consider it a gift to the community at large and wait with publishing until ~5 weeks after the first broadcast date if you want to publish it on your own outlets as well. It will allow us to build and expand the platform so that more DJ’s can benefit from the focused attention we aim to create through CRATE.

That was pretty painless wasn’t it? We’re sure you can agree there’s nothing here that shouldn’t be a standard for any self-respecting DJ that cares about their community. Now let’s get that mix to us! Fill in the form below and let’s get you featured!

Wetransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP - anything is fine as long as we can download your mix without a hassle!
Please make sure you can check all of these requirements. It is important that we can easily identify, schedule, and broadcast your mix.
Please describe your mix in matters of mood and genre. Keep it sweet & short. This text will be used for promotion of your mix and may be edited.
Please provide your own cover, or have an image you would like to use for us to make the cover with, and link it here. NOTE: CRATE Covers are 1000x1000p with a 100p top bar and 150p bottom bar reserved for CRATE. Please keep this in mind when submitting your own cover or picture. If you have no clue what all that means, just link a good picture of yourself or something that represents your mix well.
CRATE will keep your mix in the running for about a month with several replays, then archive on our Mixcloud and/or Soundcloud along with all other mixes that streamed in the same month.
Keep it sweet, keep it short, toot your horn and we'll amplify it for you through promotion along with your mix!