CRATE is a 24/7 radio station that plays subculture electronic music by showcasing and hosting local DJ’s, collectives, producers and labels from the Pacific Northwest (Seattle WA, Portland OR, Vancouver BC). The mission is to bring a vibrant underground community to the surface for a discerning and curious audience that seeks to connect with local music communities.

We are always looking for new talent to showcase while keeping a high level quality standard when it comes to music and mixing. We aim to bring the finest PNW flavors to listeners around the world while connecting local crews and collectives with each other and beyond. CRATE is not just a radio station; it is an initiative to support and provide a platform on which artists and listeners can easily connect through the age-old medium of music.

As a listener you can expect to hear a wide range of genres that lie below the surface of the mainstream. From techno to breakbeat, from micro house and downtempo to aggressive bass music, powernoise and hardcore – all programmed in a sensible and considerate way so you can tune in every day without missing a beat.