Fresh mixes! (February)

The first round of mixes submitted through the submit-a-mix page in January is ready to roll! It took some more time than we anticipated to get everything lined up (we will henceforth aim to have the schedule out before the next deadline – March 18!), but they’re here! Starting Friday February 22nd the mixes described below will be featured on the stream at various times and days, according to the schedule posted.

There were some grand surprises coming in from eastern Europe, that even though they’re not technically ‘from the PNW’, fit extremely well with current Seattle popular styles. Keep an eye and ear out for Wadafack (leftfield/minimal/techno) and Epoché (dark ambient techno) to hear what we mean. Of course there are plenty of usual suspects that put in their mix as well, and a few fresh faces new to the stream.

This month definitely focuses on harder and darker styles of techno, with new-to-the-stream DJ’s Aaharü, Alkemist and Ol’Skinny that join regulars ALEX, Seth Hollender and GLVSS. Colin Drake steals the editor’s pick this month with a highly experimental hybrid set, but judge for yourself. In the house department Caleb, Mr. Linden and Peter Evans are joined by DJ Skiles as a fresh face, and Fraktured features Braxxus. Every single mix brings something unique to the table and we hope you’ll stay tuned to catch ’em all!

Broadcast Schedule

(all times are PST)

Release Weekend
next 3 weeks (until March 18)


(Some descriptions have been provided by the DJ’s. Where little to none was provided, we fill in and/or edit with a short blurb after having listened to the mix)

Aaharü – ‘Oumuamua

On October 19, 2017, the first interstellar visitor was detected by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakala Observatory, Hawaii. Named ‘Oumuamua (scout in Hawaiian), this mysterious traveler took an unpredicted hyperbolic orbit through our solar system after traveling to us from the direction of the great star Vega. Was ‘Oumuamua an interstellar sentinel sent to us from a distant galaxy? A data retrieving craft, or merely an unwieldy space rock? My first mix for Crate Radio is an ode to this first interstellar guest, as well as to wonderment its presence conjured for those inhabiting our small rock in space. Here’s to the mysterious of the universe, and the the mysteries of music… here’s to techno!

Trained as a jazz/classical pianist and percussionist, and having been DJing steadily for the past 12 years, Aaron Sanchez-Schaller, aka Aaharü draws inspiration for his musical musings from an array of musical knowledge and genre. Currently residing in the bay area enrolled as a graduate student, Aaharü grew up in a 90’s Seattle music scene, and has been no stranger over the years to the growth of house/techno on the West Coast. His current sound consists of blended minimal tech, industrial, acid, and underground house/techno vibes, with a dash of tribal flavor for added spice. His name, adapted from the Egyptian derivation of the name “Aaron,” translates to “warrior lion.” He strives to embody this animal persona through his sets, which are undoubtedly fierce while maintaining within them a bold tranquility. From the darkest shadows of midnight to the warmth of the sunrise, Aaharü’s techno caravan is bound to take you there!

ALEX – NO2 EPisode 5

The fifth installment of Nitrous Dioxide from Depth resident Alex Flores brings a heady, spacey mix of techno that remains grounded throughout. There’s a delicious balance of ethereal atmosphere pulled down to earth by fast, stompy and rolling beat.

Alkemist – Onyx Episode 1

The first contribution from Alkemist to the Crate stream is a solid mix of club-focused techno and house that makes you want to move. The vibe is reminiscent of Euro Dance, but digs a lot deeper than that.

Alkemist is a DJ and Producer out of the Pacific Northwest. They have been producing music for over 5 years, starting with live sets using Ableton, and have been DJing for just over a year. They aim to bring people closer together through dance, art, music, and techno.

Braxxus – Fraktured episode 3

Fraktured is the home of the broken beat, and Braxxus proves it with a building, bouncy mix that inspires to move. Greatly varied in his selections, he moves from darkly toned, growly tracks into sunny tunes without missing a beat other than the ones that are supposed to be held back. Solid.

Be sure to visit Fraktured every Sunday at Kremwerk for anything broken beat with a focus on breaks.

Caleb – Shenanigans Episode 3

Caleb is one of those faces you don’t forget – his infectious excitement and vibe is known to most of you who move through the Seattle Music community, and his mix conveys the same enthusiasm and love for House Music. *NOTE: NSFW, and not very suited for wee-ones due to lyrics.


A wild experimental trip to Techno-land, ‘Devoid’ is exploring hybrid DJ sets by incorporating Ableton Live and hardware noisemakers into a two-deck setup. It defies many standards and challenges the status quo, like Techno should. Thoughtful and yet explosive, driving and hard and fast, yet with enough space to breathe. Highly recommended!

Colin Drake likes to ride his bicycle and play techno on big speakers. He is a Seattle-based artist/musician/producer/orange juice enthusiast.

Epoché – Don’t Look Down

Epoché’s mix was a big surprise, mainly because we never actively opened up Crate to anywhere beyond the PNW (yet) and yet, here’s a mix from Prague. And wow what a gorgeous mix it is. A gloomy, hypnotic mood throughout this deep techno set is bound to relax and excite at the same time. Deep techno aficionados will absolutely love this one.

Epoché is a Prague-based DJ with passion for deep and dubby techno as well as hypnotic ambient. All of his mixes are live recorded and improvised.

GLVSS – Anthologies episode 7

GLVSS aka Matt Morse continues to deliver top-notch techno of the darker and deeper kind. He returns with his typical blend of atmospheric goodies and the occasional heavy hitters. Again, an excellent episode not to be missed.

Mr. Linden – Deep House Music episode 3

The third episode of Mr. Linden’s Deep House Music series on Crate is one heck of a groovy beast disguised as sweet melodies. This DJ knows how to blend the listenable with the danceable, and this is yet another piece of evidence of that.

Ol’Skinny – They Just Talking

Roll baby rrrrooooolllll! This firm, stompy set of club-focused techno doesn’t hold back. There’s really not much more to say about this excellent mix. It’s in-your-face, forward, good ol’ Techno.

Peter Evans – Minor Impulse episode 4

Peter Evans from Viva recordings returns with his platform to mix impulsively, featuring tracks from his current heavy rotation with no overthinking and no rules. Largely tech and deep house, it’s an excellent mix that will have you moving without noticing it. Serve chilled with your favorite drink.

Seth Hollender – Ædemāntech episode 7

Seth has been with Crate since the launch without missing a beat. His presentation may be extremely understated, but his music is anything but. This 7th Ædemāntech tricks you into thinking you’re going to have an easy ride, but it most certainly is NOT. This is top-shelf hard, blistering, strong, resolute Techno with a capital T.

DJ Skiles – Desert Vibes Episode 1

Desert Vibes bring you deep house with some tribal influences and psychedelic undertones throughout featuring tracks by artists including Black Coffee, Danny Howells, Maya Jane Coles and getting properly weird with the closing track Expander off Fontanelle, the newly released album on Uniting Souls Music from Seattle’s own Madly In Dub.

Desert Vibes is a monthly peek into the mind of DJ Skiles who is lost in the dance music desert of Yakima, WA. From house to drum and bass to psytrance to glitch hop you can never predict what will come next. So strap on your dancing shoes and let’s answer the question ‘Where do we go today’ on this episode of Desert Vibes?

WADAFACK – Crate Design

Another surprise from the Eastern parts of Europe comes from Bucharest-based Daniel Dumitru, aka Wadafack. The Romanian sound has been taking off like a wildfire in Seattle, and this mix is fuel on that fire. A delicious blend of leftfield, minimal, house and techno makes up an admirable set that deserves your ear without question.

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