It’s time for some hard-to-swallow pills, reflection, reconfiguration, and a new plan and reinvigorated focus with a healthy view into the future. We’ll discuss and elaborate on the following in the wall of text below:

  • The stream will stop in favor of curated podcasts after broadcasting our recordings of Kremfest 2018.
  • The monthly night will change venue, theme, and time to be more conducive to social gathering.
  • The website will change to a small portal and social media presence will focus into a Facebook group.
  • Appreciation & Gratitude


A Hard-To-Swallow Pill And Reflection: The Stream Ends

Sometimes you have to admit that something isn’t working before it affects other areas of the whole, and change. The concept of CRATE Radio has always been to provide a platform and reference point for electronic music communities in the Pacific Northwest with its epicenter in Seattle. The idea, from the beginning til now and into the future, is great. In matters of execution however, we have until now relied on a system that due to time constraints and the many different links in the chain of communication caused things to get stuck or delayed. At the center of that ‘system’ is the stream.

Let’s be honest for a moment: if you want an internet stream that remains relevant, you have to consistently and regularly deliver fresh content. When we started, we largely relied on DJs and crews in the Seattle music community to provide this content. During the first couple of months we put most of our efforts into getting crews and DJs on board and take care of pieces of content for the stream while we tried to fill in the blanks. The thing is, this is a harder task than herding cats and we underestimated the amount of work the management would take. Everyone (rightfully and naturally) has their own agenda, their own projects, their own business to attend to, and for many a startup radio stream isn’t a priority. Though we’ve had a lot of great feedback about what we were doing with CRATE, we couldn’t get all the balls rolling as we aimed them to. The result: sparse fresh content put out on a delay or not put out at all. We’re only with the two of us, both with a day job, both with many other additional commitments in the Seattle music community, and both needing some downtime as well. We have to admit and take that hard-to-swallow pill: with just the two of us, we are unable to keep up a stream that consistently puts out quality content on the regular while staying true to the vision of CRATE Radio.

At the core of this all lies one, central thing: The stream. If you think about it: in this time where everything is on demand, from Netflix to SoundCloud to MixCloud, a radio stream with limited, temporary content only available at limited times just isn’t interesting; especially not if content is delayed and not given its deserved attention.

So, by the end of September, we will be shutting down the stream after our permitted-to-broadcast recordings from Kremfest 2018 have aired. They will play in a randomly shuffled playlist during the last weeks of September, coinciding with Kremfest 2019.

So what’s on the other side? Read on!


Reconfiguration: New Themed Evening & Podcasts

Now that we know the stream will end, it’s time to reconfigure. Hard-to-swallow pills and reflection aren’t worth anything if you don’t don’t something with it. We don’t ‘just quit’ – we live, we learn and look at how we can make things better. CRATE has always been about the underlying vision of unifying community around subculture electronic music, and that vision is still very much present; it just takes a different shape.

We will start a monthly podcast, recorded at our new pre-funk evening that starts in November at Prūf, a small coffee & cocktail bar in the Central District in Seattle with home-made baked goods, outstanding coffee, creative cocktails and custom mixers, and culinary snacks; run by the people behind Electric Tea Garden. The music will focus on a more downtempo feel with lo-fi, deep, leftfield, and minimal vibes to have a danceable groove while leaving plenty of space for conversation.

We think that a pre-funk evening with the new musical theme will be more conducive to connecting with people from all waves in the Seattle electronic music community, and will be a fertile ground for DJ’s and producers of different styles and different levels of notoriety to grow their audience, and for the audience to get exposed to a wide variety of music while enjoying the homey, welcoming feel of the venue and people involved.

October will be our month of transition. Our last night of the season at Club Contour will be on our usual 3rd Wednesday, and the 1st Saturday of November we will launch the new concept at Prūf.


Social Media Presence

The internet is a strange place where you can share and announce and communicate as much as you want, but that doesn’t mean it reaches the people you want to reach, or who want to be reached. We don’t have the bandwidth to maintain content on the website and it offers little added value other than a portal to the stream. In that light, it will get a minimal overhaul down the road to offer a portal to our social media outlet instead. A page on Facebook however doesn’t work half as well as it used to and people who like our page rarely actually get to see the content they signed up for without us pouring money into sponsored posts.

In this light, we’ll start a group on Facebook for people to join to connect and stay updated on our events and podcasts, as well as allow related and relevant content and events to be shared.


Thank you!

In conclusion: over the past year-and-a-half we have tried many different ways to bring our vision to fruition, some of which garnered great response, others fell flat in the dirt. Such is life. If anything, we learned valuable lessons that we will be applying as we move forward with our vision of connection and the nurturing of subculture electronic music in Seattle.

To our listeners, DJs who contributed mixes, promoters that helped us get a foot in the door, crews, support staff and venues we have worked with so far: THANK YOU. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you. The name ‘CRATE’ rings bells with so, SO many people in Seattle right now, many of whom we have never even met, and that is thanks to your support. We came in with a bang last year, lost and gained momentum, rebuilt, changed, pushed and reached out in so many ways we can’t even mention for it would make this wall of text twice as long. We have been given great opportunities, we have heard many magnificent mixes, hosted quite a few DJs completely new to the community here, we have connected with many, MANY awesome people, thanks to you. We are hugely appreciative of your support and contributions, and we hope you’ll stick with us for what’s to come. Thank you!

With love,

~Jaime & Binah

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