April Fresh Mixes!

The third round of mix submissions is heavily filled with experimental, ambient, deep and hard techno. Aaharü, Colin Drake, Cory Simpson and Nekrokick all return to the stream with exceptional, boundary-pushing sets that will have your head spinning. Epoché, GLVSS, Jaime Cereus and Excalibur level the playing field with less experimental but no less intriguing, deep Techno. On the House and Breaks ends we have Mr. Linden and Agate to provide a counterweight to the heavy hitters with groovy house and fluid genre-bending broken beats.

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Find all the covers and descriptions below. Enjoy!

Aaharü – Mên-an-Tol

Aaharü aka Aaron Schaller is back!
Mysterious objects come to us in many forms. The Mên-an-Tol is one such object. As a monolithic body, its presence attracts us. Its simplicity belies its depth of purpose. Passing through will we find ourselves the same? Perhaps not, for we have become now fairies on the winds of timeless wonder. Dispersed rhythmic waves and whispers, pulsing to the sound of a constant drum. Riding on as a rolling wave across silent oceans.

Fraktured 4 ft. Agate

Fraktured presents Agate this round of mixes with a highly diverse mix that smoothly moves between so many different genres with broken beats it’s insane. From lo-fi, crunchy 8-bits weirdness to smooth, wildly warbling bass, slamming breaks and flowing liquid. An absolute top performance here.

Colin Drake – Devoid 3

Colin Drake’s mix series ‘Devoid’ perfectly captures the selector’s appreciation for ambient techno and experimental tracks, while also providing listeners with a needed break from traditional 4/4 beat patterns. The lethargic opening gives way to a mix that could only be some kind of purgatory on acid that eventually evolves into a dance.

cory Simpson – Perilous interpretation 6

Being no stranger to self expression via digital soundscapes, Cory Simpson delivers another impeccable mix. It is a clear indication of the artist’s passion for producing intriguing combinations of ambient, experimental, and hard techno. Interpret the artist’s intent at your own risk. Harsh and cavernous percussion, warm synth waves, and cutting tension.

Epoché – A Place Free From Time

The mind is subconsciously wandering into places which may hide great pleasures as well as an immense pain. In limbo its motion stops. You are conserved in time. In this second submission Epoché, or Ondrej Lülei, delivers a careful and attentive mix that excels in digital storytelling. He blends ambient tracks, hypnotic techno, and elements of dub to carry the listener through a smooth trip towards unknown ends. Featuring tracks by Birds of Paradise, Alfred Czital, Primal Code, Luigi Tozzi and many more.

eXcalibur – untitled mix

Excalibur, aka Shane Neel, debuts on CRATE Radio with a techno mix that showcases his appreciation for blended elements of melodic and dark techno. The set has an arc that carries the listener through an explosive melodic opening towards darkness with subtlety. Excalibur is able to blend hypnotic vocal tracks with harsher more saturated tracks that bring out the DJ’s personal passion for harder electronic sounds.

GLVSS – Anthologies 9

GLVSS, aka Matt Morse, continues with the series Anthologies, which focuses on storytelling through an appreciation for ambient techno tracks, hypnotic and atmospheric overtones, and hard danceable grooves. A Tale of Ordinary Madness by Abdulla Rashim, steers the mix toward certain madness, and then quickly devolves into angry and hypnotic mechanical soundscapes. Featuring tracks from artists like Blawan, Kwartz, BFVR, and Polar Inertia, this mix has more of a focus on an overarching narrative. The mix as a whole and the closing track, Indirect Light by Polar Inertia, gives the listener the feeling that you are stranded in science fiction film like The Thing or The Abyss.

Jaime Cereus – Transporter 38

Transporter 38 is an ode to PNW techno with tracks and remixes from Fugal, Archivist, Sone and more From 0-1 with their latest release from U-SRD. Depth and space keep the layered blend open while the beat pounds underneath it all. A fluid, smooth mix with plenty of surprises.

Mr. Linden – Deep House Music 5

Mr. Linden delivers. Once again the Deep House portion of this round’s mixes is on his account. His selection covers groovy deep tracks, and minimal deep tech, with occasionally heavy melodic elements. The mix is as funky as it is fun, great lounge music, best served with a healthy amount of sunshine.

Nekrokick – Coffee grinder mix

Nekrokick pushes the harshest music in the PNW. The Coffee Grinder Mix blends a crazy mix of slowed-down break- and terrorcore, ices it with hard techno and sprinkles it with noise to leave the listener with a taste for more. We are proud to support an artist who is unapologetically pushing music that is generally considered “unapproachable” by most electronic dance enthusiasts. Allow yourself to be rattled!

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